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Our Core Classes

We are happy to offer quality dance instruction in the following styles:

Majorette 101

Majorette Competition Team(s)

Acrobatics & Tumbling



Hip -Hop


Fearless Pro Elite (Pre-Professional Company)

Tiny Elite ( Toddlers age 3-5 y/o)

Begin Your Parctice

Acrobatics & Tumbling 

Acrobatics & tumbling combines gymnastics tumbling with acrobatic skills such as lifts, aerials and choreographed team routines. 

We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level Acrobatics & Tumbling Courses on Tuesdays of each week.  



Jazz dance style developed in the 20th century developed by African Americans includes strength, flexibility, and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks,  and leaps. We offer Beginner,  Intermediate, and Advanced level Jazz courses on Wednesdays of each week. 


Ballet dance form incorporates precise and highly formalized steps and gestures set in intricate flowing patterns to create expression through movement. We offer Beginner,  Intermediate, and Advanced level ballet courses on Fridays of each week. 


Hip - Hop 

Hip -  Hop dance is a combination of street style dance performed primarily to hip - hop music or derived from the hip-hop culture. We offer Beginner,  Intermediate, and Advanced level Hip - Hop courses on Mondays of each week. 


Modern dance style is a theatrical dance style derived from styles such as baller, folk, ethnic, and religious dancing. We offer Beginner,  Intermediate, and Advanced level Modern courses on Fridays of each week. 

Majorette 101 & Majorette Competition Program

Majorette style dance was developed in the late 1960s. The dance style combines the energetic high step marching style of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) bands with West African, Jazz, modern & hip-hop choreography. 

We offer majorette basics in our Majorette 101course and also offer competition level majorette teams which require an audition. All majorette competition team candidates must be age 5 & up.

*No Experience required to audition.

We offer Beginner,  Intermediate, and Advanced level Majorette 101 courses on Mondays of each week. 

Fearless Pro Elite (Pre-Professional Program)

Students that are a part of our Pre-Professional program are hand selected/recommended for the program by our esteemed staff. Students are also given invitations to audition throughout the year. Within this program we help develop and expand our dancers' professional careers with a primary focus in dance but also in modeling,  singing,  acting, and more! 

Tiny Elite (Toddler Program)

We are pleased to offer the following dance styles to our tiny dancers just starting out: 

Majorette 101 | Ballet Basics | Tap | Acrobatics & Tumbling

Tiny Classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday of each week. 



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